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Who is a potential client? Any person or organization that values life-long learning can benefit from our trainings. Below is a list of some of our previous clients.


“"Our meeting with Dr. Jeannette Vos and her team was Magic! We experienced many new ways of learning individually and as a team. The change of state in the group was amazing during the workshop - and at the end - MAGIC! We got friends for a lifetime from different parts of the world as a result of this wonderful workshop."”

Hans Olav Haakonsen, Senior Executive of Telnor, Norway

“It has been a great pleasure to have had the opportunity to work with Dr. Jeannette Vos. Her work is helping our company achieve the goal in which we help people learn to learn and learn to think, so that they can manage their own lives and create their own futures in the 21st century.


Because of Dr. Vos' workshops, our teachers and trainers are now much more prepared to retool the workplace to match the demands of the computer age with the latest brain research and mind technologies. She has demonstrated to us how every single human being has the potential to be an incredible learner! Most of all, she has the outstanding talent to make people enthusiastic. This spirit is a wonderful platform, from which our trainers can now spread the knowledge of learning-to-learn to their clients. Thank you so much, Jeannette!"

Kerstin Pahlm, Training and Development Manager LERNIA, Sweden (Sweden's largest training company - former AMU GRUPPEN)

“As an educator and pastor, I highly recommend Dr Vos’ seminar on accelerated learning, involving how to break resistance to learning. Dr Vos’ seminar and book opens the door of discovery for a way of teaching and learning that is exciting and far more effective than traditional methods.”

Tom Rudmik, CEO, and Superintendent of Master’s Academy and College, and Associate Pastor, First Assembly Church, Calgary Alberta, Canada.

“Jeannette's workshops helped me to understand what true learning really means. I can now build the principles into my daily work in Hungary and apply them at each level of the education system."

Bali Polyanki, Psychologist, Budapest

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