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Join the lifelong learning revolution to have a healthy brain and body and a healthy planet  — each one working together to make a sustainable whole!





Health, nutrition and learning are interconnected, as well as everyone and everything on our planet. Everything we do, eat and think affects everyone and everything else. This is the web of life.


We can't change some things in the world, e.g., the galaxy, gravity, and eventual entropy of all living things. We also cannot change the fact that our body and brain requires clean water, clean air, and foods to sustain life. For these reasons, protecting and sustaining the web of life within us and on our planet should be one of our highest priorities.


The most sensible and unselfish way to stay healthy -- and retain our learning ability -- is to become mindful of everything we do, eat, create. We can do this by asking questions such as:


  • Am I eating foods that benefit my thinking and learning capacity?

  • Am I mindful of the pain that other living beings experience to fulfill my needs?

  • Are there other ways I can meet my needs without promoting pain for other living beings?

  • Are there other ways I can meet my needs without hurting nature?

  • How can food be my medicine and my medicine be my food?




This article by Dr. Vos was published in Health 2000, October/November 2014.


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Dr. Vos is available to train you or your organization how to eat in a sustainable and healthy way to create a healthier planet and a healthier life. To hire Dr. Vos for a health-based training or to provide Skype coaching contact us.


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