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Coaching / Consulting / Product Review

Do you have dreams or plans to change things in your life? Perhaps you are wondering how to create a better future for your school or business organization. Or perhaps you need some support in becoming your best self.


Did you know that you can literally co-create your future either deliberately or through default? By learning how to work with your subconscious mind, you can actually prevent the self-sabbotage that often happens when you don’t get what you want in your life? Dr. Vos can help you learn how to program your subconscious for success — for any age level.

Dr. Vos offers coaching via Skype or through on-site consultation. 


Suggested Coaching/Consulting/Product Review Topics

Services are offered in any of the following audiences:

Schools & Universities: 

  • Early Childhood Education

  • Primary, Intermediate and High School Education

  • Adult Education and Seniors

    * Corporations

    * Families

    * Churches


Examples of Topics for Coaching/Consulting Product Development is offered in any of the following areas

  • Self- learning (with various components such as accelerated learning, deep learning, project learning, etc.)

  • Integrating self- learning into your life

  • Subliminal strategies in presentations and teaching

  • Creating the best environment for peak performance learning

  • How to dissolve the learning blocks

  • How to deal with stress and change that to productivity instead

  • How to get what you want in your life — and be successful with it

  • How to learn more quickly and easily

  • The best study skills ever!

  • How to get that “A” more easily

  • How to eat healthy so you can learn better and more easily

  • Or any other topic based on her books and expertise (health, learning, curriculum development, presentation skills)



Coaching/Consulting/Product Review Fees

Dr. Vos offers coaching/Consulting/Product Review via Skype.

Please contact Dr. Vos and when you're ready to complete the purchase, please pay via PayPal below.

Check What Applies to You:

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