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Books and Articles

by Dr. Vos

The following books and articles by Dr. Jeannette Vos are available for download or purchase either directly from The Learning Revolution International or from third-party websites. Books include various publications of the international best-seller, The Learning Revolution, and its sequel, Unlimited: Your new learning revolution and the seven keys to unlock it.


Unlimited: The New Learning Revolution and the Seven Keys to Unlock It

Gordon Dryden Dr. Jeannette Vos, Ed.D

Published in 2008


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The New Learning Revolution: How Britain Can Lead the World in Learning, Education and Schooling
Gordon Dryden and Jeannette Vos, Ed.D
Published in 2006 (UK Edition), Network Press, UK


This is the definitive book about the biggest changes in education, schooling and teaching since the school classroom was invented almost 300 years ago. The vision and power of the original Learning Revolution remains, but the authors now address current developments such as:


  • How instant information and interactive technology are finally forcing a complete rethink of everything we've ever believed about education

  • How new interlocking networks are creating dramatic new models for learning

  • How new teaching methods are revolutionizing schooling in pockets around the world

The Learning Revolution: To Change the Way the World Learns
Gordon Dryden and Jeannette Vos, Ed.D
Third edition, published in 1999, The Learning Web, NZ


World record sales with 7.5 million copies sold in China. That makes it by far the world's biggest selling books, outside the Bible, for 1999! This 2nd edition tells the story of the learning revolution that is needed to match the revolution in communications and technology. It presents the world's best research on how every one of us, at any age, can make that revolution happen now. Among the topics covered:

  • How to learn anything much faster, better and more easily

  • How to read four books a day and remember what you read

  • How to learn the basics of a new language in 8 weeks

  • How to create successful, profitable ideas

  • How to use the world's best learning technology and so much more!

The Learning Revolution: A Life-Long Learning Program for the World's Finest Computer: Your Amazing Brain (PDF Download)
Gordon Dryden and Jeannette Vos, Ed.D
1st Edition, Published in 1994, Jalmar Press, California, USA


The Learning Revolution presents a life-long learning program program for the human mind. Readers will learn how to read four books a day and remember what they read; the basics of a foreign language in four to eight weeks; how youngsters five years behind in their reading age are catching up in under ten weeks; how to enrich a child's intelligence in the vital years from birth to eight; how to keep on learning throughout the whole of life; how to catch up at school even if they start behind others; how to think for successful ideas in business, school, and life; how to find their own best learning, thinking and working styles; how to get students high on education thereby avoiding drugs, gangs and crime; and the fun-fast way to transform education at school, work and home.

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Health 2000 Articles


"Is Your Brain on Track to Pass the Test?" Published by Health 2000, October/November 2014. Download the article as a PDF.


"The Benefits of Raw Food." Published by Healthy 2000, August/September 2014. Download the article as a PDF.


Magazines and Scholarly Journals


"Can Preschool Children Be Taught a Second Language?" Published by Early Childhood News, and Early Childhood magazine, September/October, 1998 Download the article as a PDF


“Discovering Your Personal Learning Style,” SAIL Journal 4, 118-125, 1998 


An Accelerated/Integrative Learning Model Program, Doctoral Dissertation, Northern Arizona University, 1991 

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