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Dr. Jeannette Vos is available as a workshop trainer, keynote speaker, self-learning consultant, product reviewer, curriculum reviewer or coach. She has trained, coached and facilitated the training of thousands of people internationally on self-learning with methods encompassing tools such as NLP, deep learning/project learning, accelerated learning, integrative learning and conceptual learning methods, etc. These tools are applicable to all subject areas, including English as a second language. Her experience with different age and ethnic groups highlights her versatility — from early childhood to the critical years of high school and even into keeping the health of the brain for seniors. Due to her first book selling over 10 million copies,  as well as her inspirational multi-media presentations, she has  attracted huge audiences in a number of countries around the world with her multi-media presentations.

As a world leader in self-learning, Dr. Vos has spent more than 15 years on an almost non-stop series of presentations around the globe to corporations, educational organizations and schools. She’s has taught and spoke at conferences and trainings in countries all around the world, such as China, Scandinavia, Poland, Kosovo, Brazil, Germany, United Kingdom, Netherlands, the United States, Canada, Japan, Australia and New Zealand.



Dr. Vos provides customizable and in-depth trainings that vary in length -- anywhere between two and 10 days. Workshops topics are based on:


  • The Learning Revolution

  • The Self-Learning Revolution

  • Health and Nutrition

  • Music and Accelerated Learning




Dr. Vos is able to customize any workshop or keynote presentation to best suits your particular needs and audience.

Areas of focus are on the 21st century self-learning competencies, the self-learning journey, nutrition and the brain, leadership and communication skills, the multiple intelligences and coaching instead of teaching — for all grade levels.



Dr. Vos offers customizable coaching/ consulting, product or curriculum review to meet the specific needs and goals of our clients. Dr. Vos has coached teachers, trainers, HR managers, business and health professionals, and students of all ages.


Topics include Accelerated Integrated Learning and Healthy Learning and Nutrition.


“Dr. Vos is absolutely outstanding the way she inspires groups and individuals, breakes resistances and helps people to understand the true learning process."

Ula Erickson, former Managing Director and Pedagogical Leader Linköpings Utbildnings-Serice AB 

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