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Customizable Trainings



Unlike other accelerated learning workshops, our workshops are tailored to meet the specific needs and goals of our clients. Our trainings are also applicable to more than one type of audience. Dr. Vos has worked with teachers, trainers, HR managers, business and health professionals, and students to create just the right workshop for them.


Workshops can be as short one hour, or as long as two four-day increments with a break of one day in between (for a total of eight days of instruction). The size of the in-depth workshops can range from 10-50 people. For large presentations and or keynotes, Dr. Vos can speak to audiences sizes up to 3000 people.

Training Topics

Accelerated Learning
  • Our Changing World: The 10 keys to Unlock the Learning Revolution

  • 10 Best Strategies for Teaching and Learning From Around the World

  • How to Accelerate Learning (for all ages)

  • 10 Ways to Accelerate Learning Using Music

  • Brain Research and Applications for Optimal Learning Performance

  • How to Learn a Second Language More Easily and Quickly

  • Early Childhood: The Most Important Years

  • Memory Skills -- For When You Need Them Most

  • Creative Writing Process Using Accelerated Learning Techniques

  • Top 10 Best Self-Learning Strategies

  • Peek Mental Performance: Learning to Learn, Learning to Think, Do It!


Learning and Nutrition
  • How to Boost Learning and the Brain via Nutrition

  • How to Achieve Optimal Health (And Live Almost Disease-Free)

  • The Science of Nutrition: Recipes and Rationale for Changing Your Diet


Leadership and Communication Skills


  • The Dynamics & Subliminal Levels of Communication Co-Creating Your Future and Getting Your Goals

  • Communication Skills: Verbal and Non-Verbal for Life Management Creativity

  • Leadership and the Learning Organization

  • Life Skills, Personal Development, Learning-to-Learn Skills Learning to Think (Creatively, Reflectively, Critically)


Multiple Intelligences


  • Multiple Intelligences,Talents & Learning with the Whole Brain

  • Discovering Your Multiple Talents, Intelligences & Learning Styles

  • The Learning Difficulties Group and the Latest in Brain Research




  • How to Accelerate Learning for At-Risk Students and Burnt-Out Teachers

  • The Natural Approach to Classroom Management“Break Resistance” in Learning and Discipline Problems

  • Dynamic Teaching Strategies for All Age levels and All Curriculum Areas

  • Using Music for Optimal Learning and Teaching

  • High Performance Study Skills and Test Taking Strategies

  • Learning to Read and Write Creatively, Using Accelerated Learning

  • A Blueprint for Educational Reform (integrating creative technology with brain research applications)

  • Classroom Creativity and Motivation

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