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The Self-Learning Revolution in Action
4-Day Workshop
Course Descriptions

Three Levels of Training to fit your Needs
By Dr Jeannette Vos

Level I: Experience Level Courses – Self-Learning for the Conceptual Age
Level II: Process Level Courses (Train-the-Trainer) – Uncovering the 
Dynamics of the Self-Learning with Coaching Process
Level III: Mastery Level Courses – Becoming a Self-Learning Teacher/Trainer and

Level I: Experience Level – Self-Learning for the Conceptual Age
(4 + 4 days of training)

You will have the opportunity to do the following:​


You will make the discoveries of neurobiological research applicable to your life and gain the meta-skills to help you learn, integrate and synthesize this new learning into your personal and professional life. You will also gain the self-learning conceptual skills to achieve higher standards for you and your learners. This includes creating your environment for learning through managing stress, learning-to-learn, unlearning, thinking in many different ways, communicating, problem solving, innovating and literally designing your own future (or helping others to do the same). You will experience at least 100 strategies for enhancing your self-learning ability and facilitating the self-learning process through coaching and “selling to the brain.”

Level I, Part 1: Experience the power of self-learning with coaching and facilitation

You will have the opportunity to do the following:

  • Learn how to unlock your full potential, at any age, based on the new neurobiological sciences

  • Learn how to cut study time in half and prepare for exams without the typical chronic stress that most people experience in test preparation and test taking

  • Learn how to rewire, restructure and stimulate your brain through epigenetics so that you can grow in a more healthy, intelligent way and teach others to do the same

  • Experience, understand, and implement the basics of self-learning with ease and joy despite any learning difficulties

  • Experience the holographic stages of self-learning, coaching, teaching and how to apply them to your own subject area, grade level, workplace or home environment

  • Experience innovative teaching, coaching and self-learning methods that can be applied to any learning, thinking and working style

  • Understand why people "fail" and what to do about it

  • Apply cognitive and neurobiological research to any subject or to any workplace

  • Learn about successful self-learning models that help learners or workers achieve excellence -

  • Receive valuable instruction on how to incorporate project learning including foreign-language learning and the STEAM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) effectively in your home, workplace, trainings and classrooms

  • Enhance your self-learning ability with many ways of thinking, creating brain and mind fitness, gaining nutrition tips for promoting a healthy brain/mind/body, and improving the well-being of self and others

  • Discover and master your unique abilities that are essential for professional and personal fulfillment

Level I, Part 2: Break the Self-Learning Barriers with coaching and facilitation

Prerequisite: Level I, Part 1

You will have the opportunity to do the following:

  • Learn how to grapple with resistance and propel your organization or your learners despite the demands of global changes

  • Learn the secrets of some of the world’s most creative people and how to implement their tools effectively into your own life

  • Discover the secrets of improved focus and powerful memory

  • Learn how to teach to both the conscious and the subconscious mind so that more intelligence is literally being created

  • Learn how to create an optimal learning or working environment for all learning and working styles despite learning difficulties and challenging behavior problems

  • Reduce stress and create a culture of safety, harmony, teamwork and innovation with values and responsibility to achieve goals and objectives.

  • Improve performance through matrix and formative assessment

  • Incorporate self-learning strategies for learning more quickly and easily, including foreign languages

  • Learn how to build community and establish team rapport

  • Learn how to "sell to the brain" using music, nutrition and other subliminal techniques

  • Discover the 10 essential components of the 21 st century self-learning classroom and/or organization of a new self-learning framework

  • Unleash your creative spirit to co-create your own destinyYou are invited to:

Level II: Process Level Courses (Train-the-Trainer) – Uncovering the Dynamics of the Self-Learning with Coaching Process (4 + 4 days of Train-the-Trainer)

Prerequisite: Level I, Parts 1 and 2


You will “go behind the scenes” of coaching and self-learning and discover the subliminal coaching and teaching methods that can be used toorchestrate powerful group and coaching dynamics. The outcomes in Level II are different than those in Level l even though some of the same course material as Level I is covered in this workshop. Both levels are being taught simultaneously. In Level II, the main role of participants is to be observers of the non-direct, unconscious communication and strategic orchestration of the class. Level II participants delve into personal development, communication skills, group dynamics, and releasing the deeper barriers of the self-learning process. These two courses encompass an extra 60-90 minutes of instruction per day of class time. Class size is limited. 

Level II, Part 1: Uncover the dynamics of self-learning with coaching and facilitation (Based on processing the experience level of Part 1 for the purpose of training-the-trainer)

You are invited to learn how to do the following:

  • Create a nurturing and positive optimal self-learning environment

  • Gain the tools to create emotional and/or physical safety and diffuse "resistance" in a coaching, training or classroom environment

  • Recognize and eliminate the three main barriers to learning

  • Facilitate group dynamics through non-verbal body language

  • Influence behavior of participants with subconscious techniques

  • Understand the significance of body language to the instructional learning process

  • Discover the secrets of how a coach, teacher or parent can tap into the genius of every learner

Level II, Part 2: Uncover the dynamics of self-learning with coaching and facilitation (Based on processing the experience level of Part 1 for the purpose of training-the-trainer)

You will have the opportunity to do the following:


  • Recognize when the group understands and supports you

  • Recognize the three stages of frustration in groups

  • Turn chaos into group synergy

  • Create a deeper level of permission to learn and form unity in groups and individuals

  • Learn about the five dysfunctions of groups and the solutions

  • Learn about the four horsemen that squelch self-learning and coaching process

  • Learn how to coach and facilitate the self-learning process


Level III: Mastery Level Courses – Master Your Self-Learning Teacher/Trainer and Coaching Ability (4 + 4 days of practice teaching and coaching for mastery and
full certification)

Prerequisites: Level I and Level II for full certification. However, corporations, school districts, individuals can hire Dr. Vos on a personal coaching basis if no certification is required.

The Learning Revolution International (LRII) offers personalized training and coaching by Dr. Vos and fellow participants. if you want to become an authorized fully certified, licensed LRI trainer, in any country, even if you do not speak English, this is an opportunity for you to present and be coached using your own curriculum or with LRI curriculum (if you want to become an LRI trainer). This can be geared towards your subject area or unique audience. This course is especially geared towards:

  • Those of you wanting to refine and excel with your teaching, coaching and training delivery

  • Obtaining a license or franchise to represent LRI.

  • Being coached on how to create dynamic presentations for any audience by linking your acquired self-learning skills with new techniques within the subliminal dynamics of groups. Opportunity to begin guided curriculum construction for your own course work is also available.

Level III, Parts 1 and 2: Master Your Self-Learning Teacher/Trainer and Coaching Ability 


You will have the opportunity to do the following:

  • Practice with other participants, both the conscious and sub-conscious levels of self-learning and coaching

  • Understand and practice the state of flow versus resistance

  • Facilitate group chaos to ultimately achieve creativity and clarity

  • Apply newly generated creativity within a group dynamic

  • Recognize and generate peak performance state

  • Begin guided curriculum construction using self-learning principles

  • Facilitate the integration of skills within required content

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