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Bring Dr. Vos' acclaimed expertise and entertaining style to your school, corporate campus, or organization. We offer a wide variety of customizable trainings as well as our most popular in-depth workshop, The Learning Revolution In Action.


Dr. Vos’ offers all of her trainings internationally. Her unique ability to connect with different cultures and races has led her to work in countries including the United States, Sweden, China, New Zealand, Holland, Brazil, Germany, and Poland.

Customizable Trainings

Unlike many other trainings, ours are based on self-learning principles and philosophy for high performance and deep learning, tailored to meet the specific needs and goals of our clients. Our trainings are also applicable to more than one type of audience. Dr. Vos and her associates have worked with teachers, trainers, HR managers, business and health professionals, and students to create just the right workshop for them. 


Workshops can be as short one hour, or as long as two four-day increments with a break of two days in between (for a total of eight days of instruction). The size of the in-depth trainings can range from 10-50 people. For large presentations and or keynotes, Dr. Vos can speak to audiences sizes up to 3000 people.

In-Depth Trainings

The Self-Learning Revolution in Action 4-Day Workshop Course Descriptions

Three Levels of Training to fit your Needs
By Dr Jeannette Vos

Level I: Experience Level Courses – Self-Learning for the Conceptual Age
Level II: Process Level Courses (Train-the-Trainer) – Uncovering the Dynamics of the Self-Learning with Coaching Process

Level III: Mastery Level Courses – Becoming a Self-Learning Teacher/Trainer and Coach

How to Schedule a Training

Dr. Vos’ schedule is flexible and she usually plans out six months to one year in advance for each training.


Due to high international travel costs, Dr. Vos will usually schedule her itinerary to the benefit of all parties involved.  For example, if more than one client in the same country hires her, she tries to negotiate presentation dates to occur during the same time.


For more information, or to schedule a training, contact Dr. Vos.


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