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Music for High Performance Learning


The Learning Revolution International is pleased to offer The Listening Program (TLP), a music listening method, personalized to improve brain fitness at any age or level of ability.


Used and trusted by hundreds of thousands of people in over 35 countries, TLP has global effects on the brain, and is commonly used to support changes in a wide range of brain performance areas including cognitive function, communication, auditory processing, social and emotional function, motor coordination, creativity and stress response.


Do you know someone who has learning challenges or someone who cannot move forward in their life?


Dr. Jeannette Vos is now a provider for The Listening Program online as well as a TLP coach trained to help people of all ages overcome their learning challenges through TLP.  Contact her for more information about coaching.

Music Products

The Learning Revolution International is also pleased to offer several music products for sale:


  • Healing at the Speed of Sound (book and 2 CD set combo)

  • BrainBuilder Family Edition

  • Music for Babies - 4 CD pack

  • Sound Health - 8 pack

Healing at the Speed of Sound

Bestselling author of The Mozart Effect, Don Campbell, and Alex Doman, founder of Advanced Brain Technologies, have created a unique compilation of music as a companion to their book Healing at the Speed of Sound. In this book, the authors show how we can use music and silence to become more efficient, productive, relaxed and healthy.


Each chapter focuses on a single aspect of everyday life, providing advice, exercises, wide-ranging playlists, and links so readers can combine the music they love with new styles to create the perfect soundtrack for any goal of task. Also included are "Sound Profiles" which are brief stories illustration how real individuals relatively tap the power of sound to improve their own and others' lives.

Book and 2 CD Set Combo

Get the book, Healing at the Speed of Sound in your favorite format, and both volumes of Music for Healing at the Speed of Sound for one low price! Prices include shipping and handling.


$63.95 US


$88.95 CAN



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MUSIC CDs - Volume 1 & 2

Calm and Relaxing -- Volume 1 of Healing at the Speed of Sound is an assortment of gentle and soothing world music from a repertoire including Native American and Japanese traditional flute music, light jazz, classical and romanitc styles as well as Celtic song. This collection creates a soothing sanctuary which brings peace and balance.

Focus and Vitality -- Volume 2 of Healing at the Speed of Sound offers two distinct and enjoyable listening experiences through classical, baroque, and contemporary music that will sharpen your mental abilities by stimulating your brain through specially chosen frequencies, tempos, and musical structure.

BrainBuilder Family Edition

BrainBuilder® is the brain fitness program designed to improve your memory, attention and brainspeed! The BrainBuilder exercises will train and improve mental abilities that decline as we age, contributing to better cognitive performance and brain health.


Children, teens and adults benefit from BrainBuilder by mapping a rich network of connections between brain cells that become stronger through practice and experience. This will make learning easier and lead to greater achievement today and later in life!


Experience these remarkable results with BrainBuilder:


  • Better memory and attention

  • Sharper focus and clearer thinking

  • Improved visual and auditory processing

  • Increased BrainSpeed

  • Stronger problem-solving skills


BrainBuilder PC Family Edition


System Requirements:

  • 1.6 GHz Pentium III (2.8 GHz or Greater Recommended)

  • XP SP2, Vista or Windows 7 - 32 or 64 bit platforms

  • Speakers or Headphones




US $221.95


CAN $243.95

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Prices include shipping and handling.

  • 512 MB RAM or Greater

  • Minimum 300 MB Free Disk Space

  • CD/DVD Drive

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Music for Babies

Award winning Music for Babies™ includes classical music, folk tunes, lullabies and nursery rhymes specifically arranged to enhance a baby's brain development while providing a nurturing environment.


Even before children are born, research shows that music has a beneficial effect on the network of neurons that will be the foundation of their later learning, language development and music ability.


Music for Babies fosters the brain growth crucial to healthy young minds. Each volume has been carefully crafted to provide the kind of musical nourishment that scientific study has shown will actively support optimum brain development in a child's early years. By playing this music, you help build a strong foundation for the innate potential of your infant or toddler. Uniquely appropriate for children from birth to 36 months, yet equally enjoyable for older listeners.

Music for Babies Collection - 4 Pack

This award winning collection includes: Sleepy Baby, Playful Baby, Peaceful Baby and Cheerful Baby. Each unique arrangement is performed by the award-winning players of the Arcangelos Chamber Ensemble and produced with latest audio technology to ensure premium quality recordings.




US $78.95


CAN $101.95

All prices include shipping and handling.

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Music for Babies Collection

Sleepy Baby

Lullabies, Classical & Traditional Music

Tempo: 40-70 beats per minute

A restful collection arranged to progressively lull your child into a deep and refreshing sleep. Bedtime Guide included with suggestions for establishing a successful bedtime routine.


Playful Baby

Nursery Rhymes, Classical & Traditional Music

Tempo: 80-140 beats per minute

Vibrant melodies that enhance active listening skills and spatial awareness with music complimented with a variety of sounds from nature. Activity Guide included with stimulating and energizing playtime activities.


Peaceful Baby

Lullabies, Classical & Traditional Music

Tempo: 50-90 beats per minute

Create a relaxing atmosphere with gentle melodies that provide a peaceful mood setting for a child. Quiet-time Guide included with soothing activities to calm a fussy baby and relaxed playtime suggestions.


Cheerful Baby

Nursery Rhymes, Classical & Traditional Music

Tempo: 60-120 beats per minute

Upbeat tempos provide a stimulating and energetic environment for a child. Activity Guide included with spirited playtime ideas for parents and babies.

Sound Health

Incorporating Sound Health® into your daily life can produce profound and wonderful changes.


A sophisticated combination of therapeutic benefit and artistic achievement, these masterful classical recordings are founded on the principle that music is an effective tool for enhancing health and well-being. Each is intended to complement specific activities, employing extensive scientific research and clinical study to achieve its intended effect. Creating a world of rich and varied soundscapes, Sound Health nourishes mind, body and soul.

Sound Health Collection - 8 Pack

The complete Sound Health Collection includes Music for Concentration, Music for Thinking, Music for Learning, Music for Productivity, Music to Relax, Music to De-Stress, Music for Inspiration, and Music for Motivation.



US $140.95


CAN $163.95


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Prices include shipping and handling.

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Sound Health Collection

Music for Concentration

Tempo: 50-60 beats per minute

Baroque masterpieces sharpen focus and enhance mental endurance.

A musical springboard to intellectual achievement, Baroque Masterpieces have been expertly streamlined and harmonically enriched to sharpen focus and promote mental endurance. Experience improved organization, clarity and precision in everyday tasks.



Music for Thinking

Tempo: 50-60 beats per minute
Streamlined classical compositions help you conceptualize, strategize and create.

Elevate intellect, enable fresh ideas and stimulate logical thinking to a variety of classical compositions that have been rearranged to enhance mental acuity while relaxing the body. Appreciate the benefits of focused awareness when conceptualizing, strategizing and creating.



Music for Learning

Tempo: 50-60 beats per minute
Baroque masterpieces and soothing nature sounds help you acquire knowledge and master new skills.

Harness the power of music to create the optimal environment for acquiring knowledge and mastering new skills. Intelligently arranged masterpieces of Bach, Vivaldi and Corelli have been creatively combined with nature sounds to promote the clarity, alertness and receptivity needed to process and store information.



Music for Productivity

Tempo: 70-130 beats per minute
Dynamic classical works give you the power to create, organize and achieve.

Increase productivity with music that generates the energy needed to set goals and bring tasks to completion. Expert arrangements of classical and original masterpieces use upbeat tempos to enhance alertness, creativity and focus at home, work or school.



Music to Relax

Tempo: 30-60 beats per minute
Creative arrangements of classical masterworks inspire profound relaxation.

Dissolve tension and achieve serenity and balance listening to creatively arranged and gently improvised recordings of Bach, Beethoven, Vivaldi and more. Feel the bliss of pure relaxation as muscles relax, breathing deepens and the mind grows calm.



Music to De-Stress

Tempo: 30-60 beats per minute
Soothing classical works and ocean sounds restore harmony and melt away stress.

Escape to a musical sanctuary where calm, consistent rhythms restore harmony to mind, body and spirit. A delicate blend of expertly orchestrated Mahler arrangements, combined with soothing ocean sounds, melt away stress and anxiety achieving serenity and balance.



Music for Inspiration

Tempo: 60-90 beats per minute
Inspiring classical compositions enhance creative expression and insight.

Eliciting feelings of joy and delight, this expansive anthology kindles the imagination and uplifts the soul. Gifted performers bring to life the works of von Gluck, Mozart, Gershwin and more with unique orchestrations that weave a musical experience that taps into the inner wellspring of creative expression and insight.



Music for Motivation

Tempo: 120-140 beats per minute
Inspiring peak performance with classical masterworks that empower you to excel.

Inspire optimal performance, drive and determination with music that instills enthusiasm and power to excel. Enlivened by imaginative orchestration and the joyful rhythms of Mozart, Handel and other musical masters, experience a boost in morale, inspiring actions and increased completion of tasks.

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